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The 12th Annual 2007 Poppa Lou Golf Classic

 Dinner & Party

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The 2007 121th Annual Kelly & Poppa Lou Trophies & Prizes

The young golfers inspect the prizes as Peter records the scores...

...and team mates review their golfing performance.

Meredith, Reilly & Lili entertain DadPa while waiting for the Awards Ceremony. 

A family affair -- the Brown and Kenny Teams are ready to party.

The Champs -- is that a confident look on Glenn's face.  Next year a Lady on your team!

Buffy is hoping some of that Championship form will rub off.

The Firemen Team - The Poppa Lou Golf outing's Bravest!  Glad you could join us.

Team Howe -- If you can't win you can enjoy the party!  Glad to see you back Rich.

Buffy and John celebrate a GREAT day in a familiar pose.  They ARE Buds!

Team Parsons.  Gerry says "Let me guess what you bought me - - a Weis Beer?"

Brothers!    (if you create the web site you can say thing you wish - and I Wish!)  

 Pete and Bart -- waiting for John to decide if he is ready to wait on them.

Team SUPER POWERS -- if not in golf -- in life! 

What Buffy didn't get to rub off from Ed Gunn, she will get from Glenn!


The "Master" at work - - thanks Ed and family for helping make a GREAT day!

John takes a moment to remember why we play the Poppa Lou...

... to thank the founders of the event for the idea of the Poppa Lou...

...and Franny does a post mortem on his 2007 predications.  Did he get divine insight?

...recognizing the young golfers who played and wanted to play with Poppa Lou Medals


They are our future -- a future that should be in good hands!

During the party God was celebrating with a special sky.  Nice photo Buffy!

Two golfers enjoy a quite moment with one of their Team Mates in the background

Ian, Gerry & John enjoy the moment at the Poppa Lou Party

...and the band plays on...

...and many talented artists join in....


...oldies and some original songs for the event written by Fran.

...and to you Mr. M.

Amy and G join the band for a few tunes.

Buffy adds her voice to the quartet while "G" and Terrance harmonize with Fran ... Terrance works to get that note just right.

John & Buffy are ready to party but Jack is nodding off.  He need more party training.

Amy is hanging in there enjoying her first Poppa Lou Party.

Friends sharing a little "Love" at the Poppa Lou Party

The band features a guest artist, Bud.

Buffy and Bart rock into the night...

Terrance says to Kevin, "Let me show you a couple of New York City moves."

Fran takes a photo of the band singing one of the many favorites performed.

"Good night, good night, good night, good night....."   It sure was!

Background photo: "The Beautiful 17th Hole at Blackhead Mountain Golf Resort" taken by John T. Whiting

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